Amanda Barlow

We weave the ground we stand on together. In this soulful approach to counselling we will gather the threads of your life, including everything in, acknowledging what was and what is now, and weave solid ground from which you can push off, creating a life aligned with your heart and soul.

Giving time and space to feel, to grieve, to celebrate and feel gratitude is part of this rich process. We’ll explore patterns in relationships, building resilience through self- compassion that both soothes you and takes action where needed.

I use an integrative approach encouraging embodied experience and honouring the context you are in – that of your family of origin, your ancestors, cultural, religious and political influences and your specific circumstances now with relationships, family and work and the significant events of your life.

I work with individuals and couples using a developmental model of relationships which simply shows the places we get stuck and contribute to the difficulties we find ourselves in. It gives easy to apply pointers so we can grow and mature, making our relationships more satisfying.

My own journey of healing and growth informs my work. As well as the trainings I’ve done, I draw on years of inner work and spiritual practice which has transformed my life and relationships. This gives me confidence that there is a way through for all of us, however bleak, longstanding and impossible things may seem.