Carol Poole

Whilst receiving marriage guidance at Relate in my early thirties, (30 years ago now) I had the wonderful experience of feeling listened to by the therapist – it felt like being fully listened to for the first time. As a result of this I became interested in listening to others and signed up for a BSc in Psychology and Counselling. On this course I was introduced to all the talking therapies (very drawn to person centred) and then at the end body psychotherapy which resonated with me then very deeply. 

I chose to join Gerda Boyesen (Founder of Biodynamic Psychotherapy) in 1997 and train as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist – moving on to continuing education with The London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy who I have assisted on their trainings. I have learned in my biodynamic training to trust “the impulse from within towards health and the wisdom of the body” in my own therapy and in working with clients.

Complementary to my biodynamic training, I have integrated focusing into my work. Whilst I encourage total freedom of expression and highly charged emotion in sessions, I found that it was not so easy for myself or my clients to complete certain emotional cycles and when stuck going over the same old scenario I now have another option. Focusing is a certain kind of inner attention that allows for a distancing from overwhelming emotion which can allow a space for insight to come about what is really going on. 

Often we are living, enduring our truths but without knowing exactly what our inner bodily wisdom is trying to communicate to us. Some people have a natural ability to focus in this way but others get cut off from their embodiment. If there is courage to spend time with that which needs our attention, this can be healing rather than frightening in actuality. I am now a focuser for my own personal growth and share with clients – encouraging a checking in with their bodily felt sense and developing this experientially during our session. 

I am also part of the Teaching Team at London Focusing on their 2 year Focusing and Focusing Oriented Therapy Course.
I live with my partner in Devon and have 2 grown sons nearby. I love plants – having my hands in soil and playing with painting in an abstract way.

Happy to welcome clients with problems ranging from “improving my life” and “finding a way forward”, “anxiety and depression” and those wanting to “improve their relationships”.

I will listen primarily, and we will endeavour together to identify what needs to shift in order to live life more fully.
Please do call for a chat to see if we would work well together or to book an appointment. I prefer to see clients in person but have been amazed at how well we can also work together via zoom.