David Oxley MA Dip Int Psych MBACP

Accredited Counsellor Lic 219545

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

I have written about the two formal trainings I undertook but there have been other influences which include Shamanism, movement and dance, meditation, eco-therapy, poetry, story telling, NLP and my life experiences. It has been a rich and challenging journey!

I stumbled into therapy at a time in my life when I felt stuck, uninspired anxious and depressed. Indeed lost to myself…I would call it a dark night of the soul.

Acknowledging I was lost was the first step. With help might I be able to look at those dark tight contracted places where I had armoured myself against the world? The tight ball of complex feelings that were holding me hostage needed unravelling.

The qualities of the therapy I seek to offer are those I needed and received and in which I found a welcome, a compassion and a place for me. It was through therapy and encouragement that I decided to train as a counsellor and then a psychotherapist.

I feel it an enormous privilege to be able to offer this work; and so it’s been over 22 years experience in private practice and in the charity sector with many clients from diverse backgrounds. I have been an affiliate counsellor for a number of years for a gambling charity as well EAP work for other organisations. I co ran a Mens Group for 5 years in London.

Sometimes life's issues and problems can feel overwhelming....perhaps you wake with a sense of dread...maybe you feel that life hasn't turned out how you had hoped...or you're having a hard time at work!
Perhaps you find yourself repeating those same old patterns in relationship, or you are caught in the cycle of addiction. You may feel lonely and isolated, or are burdened with shyness.

If any of this resonates with you and you are drawn to make contact please do. I welcome hearing from you either to book a session or have a chat. I can be reached through