Jenny Goff

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About my practice

I am an experienced Counsellor, Shiatsu and Indian Head Massage Practitioner. Throughout my life’s experiences I have recognised the correlation between mind and body and our need to maintain a complimentary balance for improved mental and physical health.
People come into therapy for many reasons: relationships, depression and anxiety, trauma, health issues, self-esteem, work issues or a need for personal growth. We can all feel dis-combobbled at times. and lost.


Counselling can support with building on your innate resilience’s, help you explore your direction, improve confidence and find peace and comfort within yourself.

I provide a safe, empathic, unjudging space for exploring your feelings, thoughts, goals and wishes for a healthier future.
I am an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I qualified in 2002 in an Advanced Diploma in Integrated Counselling at the Iron Mill, Devon. I have since qualified with Diploma’s in Cognitive, Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Creative and Clinical Supervision in 2009 and have continued to expand my personal development and qualifications. This includes Mindfulness which helps being present in the moment, Somatic Experiencing which helps you come out of trauma and Solution Focussed which has a short term goal orientation.

It is important to me to provide a space of focus and to work on your individual needs. I may use psycho-educational tools to support your development. I provide short and long term therapy to include face to face, telephone or online sessions.


Shiatsu is non-evasive bodywork rooted in Japanese medical theories that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole body and helps with physical health conditions, emotional stillness, and spiritual development, maintaining a healthy equilibrium between your body and mind.

I completed a 3 year course in 2012 at the School of Shiatsu, Totnes. I have supported people with many health conditions including fatigue, insomnia, back, neck and shoulder problems, sciatica, stress, anxiety, lack of wellbeing, asthma, headaches, eye problems and many other conditions. I am a member of the Shiatsu Society.

Indian Head Massage

Can help you by releasing tensions both psychologically and physically within your body. It can help with neck, shoulder, back tension, releasing endorphins, increasing circulation to the scalp and providing calmness and tranquillity, whilst energising.
My intention is for you to self-heal and experience improved health and wellbeing.

How to book an appointment

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